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Day 8 - Blindfold Catch

Day 7 - Star Jumps

Day 6 - Hand Taps

School Games Active Championships

The Youth Sport Trust have Launched the School Games Active Championships which is based on their TopYa app and is free to all.

It sets challenges three times a week and is accessible to Primary and Secondary children, along with Parents and Teachers.

Full Instructions can be found on the link below:

I hope you are all staying as active as possible!

Day 5 - Speed Bounce

Try to beat Emmanuel’s score on the Agility Run today!

Day 4 - Agility Run

Try to beat Davids high score of 5 claps before a catch!

Daily Challenge 3 - Clap and Catch

Try to beat Johns high score of 67 Toe Taps in 30 seconds!

Daily Challenge 2 - Toe Taps

Try to beat todays high score of 4 in 30s

Daily Challenge 1 - Target Throw