‘To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone’, Pope Francis.

As a school, we have decided that we would like each class to be named after a saint. Each class will take inspiration from their saint, learn about their life throughout the year, celebrate their feast day and talk to them in prayer. We would like the children to have a voice in picking the saints. As our topic curriculum is designed with each class focusing on a different continent we have decided that the saint for each class will come from the  continent they are studying.

Our Journey begins…

Summer Term 2 2020

The children are tasked with choosing the saint for their current class. Over the Summer half term holiday, the children will research the saint they want to represent their year group and present a persuasive argument on why their chosen saint is a good role model for us to live out the mission of our school ‘Living, loving, learning though Christ’. We have gathered a collection of saints for the children to learn about and choose their favorite.

Click to view a selection of saints to choose from!