“I asked you for a favor and you would not listen, so I asked God and He did listen.”- St Scholastica.

St Scholastica

St Scholastica, our school Patron Saint, is our guiding light and inspiration. Everything we do is based around her faith and commitment. St Scholastica is the patron saint of Benedictine nuns, education, and convulsive children, and is invoked against storms and rain. St Scholastica and her brother, Benedict started a religious order that is still in existence today — the Benedictines. They lived their lives dedicated to God. We aim as a school to be strong in faith and work hard as St Scholastica did. Through using our Super Skills of respect, determination, motivation, resilience, independence, and aspiration we are able to follow in her example.

Our School Logo

Our school logo represents St Scholastica through the image of the dove. St Scholastica’s brother, St Benedict, saw his sister’s soul leaving the earth and ascending to heaven in the form of a shining white dove.

St Scholastica in Everyday Life

God answered St Scholastica’s prayer when she asked her brother to stay with her. At St Scholastica’s school, we understand the power of prayer by coming together daily to pray in our assemblies, Collective Worship, Daily Examens, and liturgical celebrations. At the end of our school prayer, we say, “St Scholastica pray for us”. This reminds us that St Scholastica influences us each and every day in our school life.

St Scholastica’s Feast Day

Our Feast Day is on February 10th and is a cause for great celebration. We attend a special Mass at our Parish Church. This is a wonderful chance for us to join with the parishioners and the children lead the service. Usually, the day entails work based around St Scholastica. We also have an assembly to celebrate her life and work.

St Scholastica’s Got Talent

A highlight is our St Scholastica’s Got Talent show where we have the opportunity to share the gifts and talents God has blessed us with.

Assembly about St Scholastica