In the event of a year group bubble being closed and pupils being sent home, or a full lockdown, the school will provide remote learning resources, pre-recorded videos and live teaching will also be accessible through Microsoft Teams.


This will ensure that children are given the opportunity to continue learning remotely, at home.

In the event of a full lockdown, every child has been given a hard copy of resources that they will use each day. A timetable will be saved onto the website under the child’s year group. Each morning the teacher will talk through what the child needs to do each day on Microsoft Teams. Here is a timetable for those meetings.

Year 1: 9:00am

Year 2: 9:15am

Year 3: 9:30am

Year 4: 10:15am

Year 5: 10:30am

Year 6 : 10:45am

Here is a video which will help you to set up Teams:

Our teachers will be online all day to support the children if they get stuck or if they would like to send some work to their teacher.

We use Class Dojo for parents and children to communicate with their teacher. Here is a video which will help you to set it up:

If you would like to upload work here is a video to help you do that:

We understand that parents and carers may be concerned about the amount of screen time children are being exposed to already. This is why we have given out a pack that children can write on and then a photo of the learning can be submitted on Class Dojo.

We want to make sure that every child is learning at home and if you are having any problems with that then please contact your child’s teacher on Class Dojo in the first instance or email us on