The school was last inspected in November 2016.

The school was last inspected in November 2016.

Our report highlighted the following:

Classroom religious education is Outstanding

Catholic Life of the School is Outstanding

Inspectors found that:

  • Pupils achieve exceptionally well in religious education given their starting points when they join the school.
  • The curriculum provides many excellent age-appropriate opportunities for learning about other faiths.
  • The governors and headteacher support the development of religious education very well.
  • Religious education is at the heart of the school.
  • Worship and prayer are built into the school year and follow closely the liturgical calendar.
  • Daily and weekly practice promote very many and varied opportunities for prayer, liturgical worship, and quiet reflection.

Congratulations to all our pupils, families, staff, governors and wider St Scholastica’s community. Please click the following link to view the full report –  St Scholastica’s, Clapton – November 2016 – final report