We are desperately trying to raise funds to help get our children online. Our laptop appeal will ensure every child has their own device.


Laptops are urgently needed for pupils of St Scholastica’s Primary School 


Sadly, the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the digital divide between those who do not have access to technology at home.  St Scholastica’s has handed out its iPads and laptops and those received from the Department of Education but we still do not have enough for everyone.  Many families have more than one child so they are sharing one device. In some cases this is a smartphone which is not adequate to support online learning.

The recent school closures have showed the importance of being able to get online in order to continue learning. We are now launching this urgent appeal so that we can provide devices, to ensure all of the primary school children can access online learning at home.  We want our children to confident, independent learners who can benefit from our full online offer.

In the first instance we will be purchasing laptops but we hope to be able to provide any device that will enable our children to get online. In return, we will publicly acknowledge the acts of kindness through our school network.

Please help us! Donate to our appeal and help us get our children online. No amount too small! If you can’t donate, please share.