The Vocation of the Priest

05 Nov The Vocation of the Priest

Read all about the vocation of a priest.

In RE this week, we have been continuing our learning about vocations and the call from God. This week we were learning about the vocation of the priest. We learnt that if a man feels God is calling him to be a priest he needs to apply and be accepted by the bishop of the diocese. He has to train for many years in a seminary; during this time, he prays, learns more about this faith, how to celebrate the Sacraments, communicate the good news and experiences living and serving in the parish community. Once they have completed the training, they make promises to be celibate and obedient to the bishop.

We researched Saint John Mary Vianney who loved God a great deal and was kind to everyone. He was a very simple man who lived a simple life and then got the call from God to become a priest. He didn’t get through to the training the first time but showed great resilience and tried again. He was a priest that many looked up to and was very relatable.

In class, we created fact files about him and answered the thought provoking question: how did his faith shape his life?

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